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Quality Assurance

Quality permeates our entire process all the way from procurement of raw materials, production, quality testing, delivery and after sales backup services to the customer.

Indeed customer satisfaction is our measure of success. All our processes are in accordance to the ISO 9001: 2008 principles of continuous improvement.

Our products are manufactured to British Standards (BS) and have achieved the quality to bear the Kenya Bureau of Standards Diamond Mark of Quality.

Each production run of our cables is individually tested in our well-equipped laboratory to ensure only the products that meet the highest standards are used by our customers.

Within the context of product liability it makes good sense to recommend and use cables from a clearly identifiable and reliable source.

We at East African Cables will stand by our products and warranties at all times.

Certificates of Conformity are available upon request for each shipment. The cables manufactured by East African Cables are embosed with the company name, Kenya Bureau of Standards mark, cable size details and voltage ratings.

ISO CerticicateEAC Superbrands 2012-2014 Certificate

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